Our Story

About us

How it began

Last December, a mutual attraction blossomed when we started chatting Hinge – we connected on a lot of things – food, outdoors, travel, family, politics, and more. It wasn’t until January when we actually met in person, but when we did, we had a really great connection! After a couple of months of dating and joking about our “long distance” relationship (with her in Carroll Gardens and me in Washington Heights), COVID got worse, and lockdowns became real.


A Zoom relationship blossoms

We each retreated to safer places – Ronak, to South Carolina, and Margaret to Massachusetts. Miraculously, what we thought would be a setback turned into a blessing – with 2 months apart, we found ways to stay connected – baking together over video, playing online games, and having lots of late night phone calls, and our relationship blossomed even more.

Together again

When we finally saw each other again in person, sparks were flying and we knew – it was on for real.
We spent the rest of the summer and fall cooking, biking, hiking, camping, meeting friends and family, all the time growing ever more sure and more deeply in love.
…and in November we made the decision to get engaged, and neither of us could possibly be more excited about our future together.